Gordon Pickering

Senior Partner

Career History

Associate at WATG, 1993-1998

Associate Director at ReardonSmith, 1998-2007

CEO at HKR Architects, 2007-2009

Senior Partner at G1 Architecture, 2009-Present

Gordon is the founder of G1 Architecture and offers extensive experience in the hospitality sector. He has been involved in strategic planning and the implementation of many large and complex projects both in the UK and internationally. Gordon has worked on some of the most major UK luxury hotel projects and brings particular expertise in the re-positioning and refurbishment of high end hotel projects.

In his career, Gordon has focused on hotels exclusively for the last 20 years. In that time, he has also undertaken resort projects in the Middle East, India and Africa.

  • Whether it’s a new build in India
    or a refurbishment in Italy, hotel
    design is a complex process
    with often conflicting demands.
    G1 Architecture’s commercial sensibilities coupled with our
    deep understanding of how
    hotels work are key to our
    success, helping us delivery
    operationally efficient,
    economically viable projects for
    our clients. 
    Gordon Pickering, Senior Partner