Khazri Restaurant

Baku, Azerbaijan

  • Project Khazri Restaurant
  • Components Destination Restaurant
  • Client Confidential
  • Project Cost TBC
  • Scope of Service Architecture

The Jewel of the Caspian Sea.

The project has been conceived with a vision to complement to Baku’s vibrant architectural setting with a contemporary addition. It needs to be functional, elegant, and yet, a timeless piece of architecture. A diamond is elegant and timeless. These are the qualities we endeavour to achieve for this unique landmark opportunity. In this case it is also the inspiration for our exciting project. We have carefully crafted the building to bring out the aesthetic qualities of a perfectly cut diamond. As a landmark, it resembles a gigantic diamond lightly afloat the water, to celebrate the wealth and success of Baku as city holding a dominating position in the Caspian Sea. As a restaurant, the diamond symbolizes a romantic destination providing couples, families and friends unforgettable world-class dining experience.